The new law that could end super PACs and limit foreign corporate spending in local elections

On Thursday, October 5, 2017, the St. Petersburg City Council voted (6-2) to abolish super PACs and prohibit spending by foreign-influenced corporations in city elections. St. Petersburg is the first community in the country to pass a law of this kind. Should a legal challenge to this ordinance occur, this could be the end of super PACs and may lay the groundwork for the eventual defeat of Citizens United. The ordinance would:

  • Abolish super PACs, and limit foreign corporate spending in St. Pete elections;
  • Directly challenge SpeechNow v. FEC, the federal court decision that created Super PACs;
  • Potentially roll back Citizens United v. FEC, the U.S. Supreme Court decision that unleashed a flood of corporate spending in American elections;
  • Place the city at the forefront of a national movement to reclaim American democracy.

Please support the “I Stand With St. Pete” campaign with a pledged donation in the case the ordinance faces a legal challenge.

Free Speech For People, American Promise-Tampa Bay, the League of Women Voters of St. Petersburg, and other allies played a critical role in launching this proposed ordinance.

We hope you will join this movement, and stand with St. Petersburg as the ordinance is enacted to become law. Please check back in for updates.

Most important at this moment, is a pledge drive to demonstrate citizen support for this ordinance. We must stand with St. Petersburg’s City Council should it become necessary to help defend the new law in court. We will not ask for fulfillment of your pledge until the case is actually underway.

Your pledge will go toward urgent and necessary support for the defense of St. Petersburg’s proposed ordinance to abolish super PACs and limit foreign corporate spending in city elections.