American Promise-Tampa Bay, League of Women Voters of the St. Petersburg Area, Free Speech for People, the Leif Nissen Foundation and citizens are working with city council members to pass an ordinance to protect the community from “dark money” political influence and assure the rights of “We the people” in our elections.

On Thursday, July 21, 2016, the St. Petersburg City Council voted 6-1 to move forward for consideration our proposed ordinance to abolish super PACs and limit foreign corporate money in local elections. If St. Pete passes this ordinance and wins a legal challenge (should one occur), this could be the end of super PACs and may lay the groundwork for the eventual defeat of Citizens United.

What residents are saying

“We can’t get reasonable food labeling, access to clean water, solar power, reasonable insurance rates, lower drug costs or even a ban on drilling and fracking in a state made of fragile limestone because their money shouts louder than our voices.”

Lucinda Johnson
St. Petersburg Resident

“This ordinance also sets a limit on the amount of money a wealthy funder, i.e., an individual such as one of the Koch Brothers, or an organization such as the National Rifle Association, could contribute to an outside spending group (a super PAC), which spends money to influence St. Petersburg elections.”

Karen Lieberman
American Promise Tampa Bay
St. Petersburg Resident

“This is a very important issue that has serious ramifications on our local municipality and our country.”

Brian Remler
St. Petersburg Resident

Your pledge will go toward urgent and necessary support for the defense of St. Petersburg’s proposed ordinance to abolish super PACs and limit foreign corporate spending in city elections.