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On Thursday, October 5, 2017, the St. Petersburg City Council voted (6-2) to abolish super PACs and prohibit spending by foreign-influenced corporations in city elections. St. Petersburg is the first community in the country to pass a law of this kind. Should a legal challenge to this ordinance occur, this could be the end of super PACs and may lay the groundwork for the eventual defeat of Citizens United. The ordinance would:

  • Abolish super PACs, and limit foreign corporate spending in St. Pete elections;
  • Directly challenge SpeechNow v. FEC, the federal court decision that created Super PACs;
  • Potentially roll back Citizens United v. FEC, the U.S. Supreme Court decision that unleashed a flood of corporate spending in American elections;
  • Place the city at the forefront of a national movement to reclaim American democracy.

Please support the “I Stand With St. Pete” campaign with a pledged donation in the case the ordinance faces a legal challenge.

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    Voices of St. Pete

    Here is what just a few people have to say about removing big money influence from our local elections in St. Petersburg.

    “We can’t get reasonable food labeling, access to clean water, solar power, reasonable insurance rates, lower drug costs or even a ban on drilling and fracking in a state made of fragile limestone because their money shouts louder than our voices.”

    Lucinda JohnsonSt. Petersburg Resident

    “Campaign spending reform will not come from Washington or Tallahassee.  If we are going to stop the tidal wave super PAC money, it will have to start with Cities brave enough to challenge it.”

    Karl NurseSt Petersburg Councilmember

    “This ordinance also sets a limit on the amount of money a wealthy funder, i.e., an individual such as one of the Koch Brothers, or an organization such as the National Rifle Association, could contribute to an outside spending group (a super PAC), which spends money to influence St. Petersburg elections.”

    Karen LiebermanAmerican Promise Tampa BaySt. Petersburg Resident

    Campaign Organizers

    Your pledge will go toward urgent and necessary support for the defense of St. Petersburg’s proposed ordinance to abolish super PACs and limit foreign corporate spending in city elections.